Saturday, December 25, 2010


Thinking to earn more money? Now you can if you become one of our agents. No fuss, no rush . Just relax and work at home or work as part time income.  All you have to do is to find customers and we will do the posting for you. Once we have receive your payment we will straight post it to your customers. Its so easy and it dont require any capital or any risk. Interested can email me at

I need more and more agents.
To those who interested please email me directly =)
What you need to do to become an agent :
1) bank in rm15 for register fee
2) send you personal details which include name, add, hp num to me.

That's simple. Once registered, you can start using the agent price to start selling in your website =) !

Agent/Wholesale Price List (Wholesale minimum order 15 pairs)

[packaging in one post ]

Dueba Series (exclude postage)
MX 21 black RM20, pink RM30
Princess nudy RM20, pink RM30
Dizone eye RM30
Dreamy & crystal RM20, dreamy pink RM30
Popc series RM20
Puffy 3tones RM30
Sugar candy RM30
Kirakira RM30
Celeb Nudy RM30
Blytheeye RM20
Gothic 3 tone RM30
natural 3 tone rm30 
Ace black  rm30
Dolly eye rm30

Princess Nudy Pink 0-1000 Power Rm30
Kira-kira Pink 0-1000 Rm30
SugarCandy Pink 0-1000 Rm30
Puffy 3tones Pink 0-1000 Rm30
Celeb Super Nudy Pink 0-850 Power Rm30
Dreamy Pink 0-850 Power Rm30
MX Pink 0 Power Rm30

Fairylens 14.8mm (New Arrival)- exclude postage
Fairylens Pink 0-1000 Rm30 
Fairylens Grey 0-1000 Rm30 
Fairylens Brown 0-1000 Rm30
Fairylens Blue 0-1000 Rm30
Fairylens Violet 0-1000 Rm30
Fairylens Green 0-1000 Rm30 

Bubble Lens 14.8mm (New Arrival)-exclude postage
Bubble Pink 0-1000 Rm30
Bubble Grey 0-1000 Rm30
Bubble Brown 0-1000 Rm30
Bubble Blue 0-1000 Rm30
Bubble Violet 0-1000 Rm30
Bubble Green 0-1000 Rm30

Flower Lens 14.5mm (New Arrival)- exclude postage
Flower Pink 0-1000 Rm30

[packaging in one post ]

fynale series
rm35(included pos)

I fairy 
RM40 ( included pos )

GEO (price included post ekspress)
Geo 2 Tone~RM25
Geo 3 Tone~ RM26
Geo Super ~ RM30

Barbie- exclude postage

[packaging in one post ]

EOS - exclude postage
RM30.00 (adult series – RM33.00)

Luna King- exclude postage

Gorgeous-I- exclude postage

Cloudy/Laura- exclude postage

Lens case

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